Bad/good/funny(?) news Saturday. Day 34 of BOI accelerator..

So I try not to update at the weekend, but at 6.30am on Sat I find myself on the way to the Penrose Wharf office.

Yes there is some work to be done and the office is lovely and quiet! But thats not the reason I am posting.

Last night all I could think off was going home, grabbing a steak, glass of wine and going to sleep (my friday indulgence!).

But, things have been so hectic I forgot to pay my parking and came out to find my car clamped. I paid the €120 to have it released and waited the 2 hours for the guy to come take it off. He was tense when he came, expecting an onslaught of abuse but I was just happy to be finally on the way home. We had a good chat and he was a nice fellow, I feel sorry for his job though, he gets an awful lot of abuse!

Funny thing…. I forgot to pay for parking today (Saturday) too…. but thankfully I got to the car park that afternoon and my car was not clamped…

Did they just not check or did the guy leave me off because I was nice to him? Who knows, but it never hurts to keep the Carma tank topped up :)

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Good news Friday! Day 33 of BOI accelerator

So today we heard back from Enterprise Ireland that we have been approved for a HPSU feasibility grant.

This is actually quite a big deal, our potential has been realised by Ireland’s development authority. This is the first major stumbling blocks a lot of startup companies have. To overcome it in less than 3 months is quite remarkable.

We have been advised to go out and celebrate…. I think some rest and sleep is more likely a reward :)success


Great talks, day 32 of BOI accelerator

So we had a couple of great talks recently.

Yesterday we had a fab talk by Sean O’Sullivan, it was probably one of the most relevant talks for Closr and the main theme was “nail it before you scale it.”

This has always been our philosophy but it was actually great to have a whole talk from someone who has grown a similar consumer app and who has over come the same issues that we are facing.

Today we had a very interesting talk with Cathal Lee about PR, what it is and when to use it. It put a lot into perspective, but really what we need right now is a lot more nailing it!

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Pitch Perfect, Tuesday Day 30 of the BOI accelerator

Today we had Catherine Moonan of Dragons den fame come to give us a workshop on pitching.

It as difficult for us as we completely changed everything in prep for a pitch we need to give on Wed to EI. Just before I presented to the group I threw away my noes in contempt and winged it. Afterwards we were told it was an excellent pitch and I wished someone in the room had taken notes about what I had said but they did not :(

Oh well, at least we know ‘pitch perfect’einstein-understanding can be achieved!

Monday, day 29 (written day 38…) BOI accelerator

Things are so very hectic for us we dont really have time to update the blog.

I want to keep even a small record of this accelerator so I’ve decided to update every Monday morning with a summary of the week.

Lets see how that goes!


Well I’ve already written something above so let me just say that this Monday we had a group therapy session discussioin leadership. Lets just say that FuelBox got more out of it than others :)



'Hello, my name is Bill and I've been - aaaargh! I did it again!'

TFI Friday! BOI accelerator Day 26

Another long week draws to a close at the BOI accelerator.

Not so much marketing or sales completed in the last week, we were almost 100% on software getting ready for end of month release of iOS and web app. We also included a fair bit of work on the business plan and the interns were working their usual magic. However as the interns went home on Friday, myself and Andrew prepared to continue on with our work. Despite the image below, we both gave up our weekends a long time ago. Maybe in a few years we can have them back :)

It is however my wedding anniversary today and I have been looking forward to a nice dinner at a local lebanese restaurant yum yum!!