Wet and Muddy – Day17 @ BOI accelerator

After a morning of hard coding, we were taken to the Oysterhaven outdoor pursuit center (https://www.oysterhaven.com/) to release some pent up tension. Not much to say about this except competition was fierce mud was cold, rivers and swamps were wet but the craic was mighty. Fantastic day had by all, and a great way to reallycement friendships with the other teams. A cold beer after the days activities was one of the best I have ever had.


Day 15, another new approach!

Week 3 started with some new goals. We have had some moderate success in our challange to target a very specific US market demographic, but now we are going to attempt to target them from another direction. This is really very challenging for a couple of tech heads, but we are up for it. It can sometimes feel like we are learning so much but not really getting anywhere, but we know that eventually it will all come together and we will fly into overdrive.

Feels a little like take off on an aircraft carrier… our engines are revving louder and louder and sometime soon we will just take off.

Day 12, second D-Day

As one of our two readers (Deegs and Hobbsy most likely), you may recall that last weeks session went well. Today also seemed to be going well. This had us feeling pretty good, but also slightly worried. Myself and Andrew are primarily tech people. We have a bit of business backgrounds but have never run a sales or marketing campaign. The idea that we hit the ground running was a little disconcerting. I asked to get a little more external focused feedback and so we await the response.


Day 10 of the BOI accelerator


It was another day of getting loads done but not really feeling we were getting anywhere.

We had a big 3 hour all hands in the morning. A photographer came to give us a photoshoot in the morning. We met a local editor who want to run a special on Closr and then in the afternoon we had a fantastic pizza and beer party complioments of the cool people at www.car.ma


Day 9 – Down to business

Today we had a good talk on business canvas and a fantastic talk on buiness planing and investment.

Jeremy Hayes, from UCC, gave the talk on buiness canvas and he had a few great use cases where companies changed their business model and went on to success. Good insight in that it is not always the product that needs to fit, but the business model needs to fit as well. We already use leanstack, so we had an advantage.

After this we recieved a masterclass from Neil Gordon of the Cork BIC. He gave us great insight into what is needed to get investor ready. He gave us good case studies and showed us a what a successful business plan looks like.

Actually contry to popular opinion it is not like the following.


Day 8 of the BOI accelerator

I missed part of day 8 due to a motor bike test (which I passed :) ). Unfortunately the mentor session was with a seargent from the Irish army and this took place when I was away…

Apparantly I missed jumping around and hiding shoes in bags and weightlifting. Yes I thought… then Andrew tells me its a weekly thing…

In the afternoon we had our intern Rob start.

Rob has 2 laws degrees and is an excellent researcher! We have a special project for him (lets say cheerleaders are involved) and he was only too eager to engage in it :)


We also interviewed a few more interns and we are trying to find just the right mix of motivated and quirky.

If you’re interested, get in touch.

Day 3 of the BOI accelerator

Today started out tough with near impossible challenges and deadlines. Everything seems to be on the backlog and when an issue occurs, all seems to be pushed backed. We started at about 6am, got to the office after 7am, Andrew put this tweet up at about 6pm and I’m writing this about 7pm.


It’s not really a complaint though. This mornings mentor session was with the Amazing @Tweetinggoddess Sam gave a great talk about her story. She then held a group session where all the startups explained their twitter strategy and Sam gave very specific feedback and moderated a group discussion. It was actually great to have so many people give great advice specific to us. Cheers guys, maybe we needed a bit more help than others :) Perhaps we did, Tweetinggoddess came and ended up giving us over an hours one on one feedback and even took control of our accounts for a while. It was a great insight into the inner workings of social media.

Anyway after a quick 10minute lunch break at 3pm we got back to the office to restart our days work, and that is where we are now. Eyes bloodshot, trying to write a post on a laptop that keeps giving me the blue screen of death… It’s only fit for the bin!

All in all, the #BOIaccelerator aint really such a bad place to be holed up! See below!!

Closr start BOI Accelerator program


Closr are delighted to announce that we have been selected for the brand new Bank of Ireland Accelerator program.

This programme is quite unique in that it is being run as a Not-For-Profit programme.  It also intends to adopt a “Founders’ Co-op” model.  This unique model involves qualified participants accepted on the programme investing 3% of their equity for shares in a fund formed for the benefit of and to be shared by the start-ups themselves participating in the programme.

A strong focus and emphasis will be on the marketing and revenue generating aspects of the each start-up.  A significant network of international contacts and networks are available to assist in the development of each business, along with a skilled panel of coaches and mentors.