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RELEASE — Cork Startup, Closr, partners with Indiependence Music Festival to launch their new experience sharing app.

Indiependence Music FestivalAfter months of development and user testing, Closr will release, for beta trials, it’s flagship mobile app on August 1st, in partnership with Indiependence Music and Arts Festival. During the months of August and September, Closr will be available to the people of Cork and will be partnered with many of the events taking place in Cork during this time. Closr is an app that helps people, sharing the same experience, collaborate and enjoy that experience, even if these people do not know each other.

Closr is a brand new paradigm that will attempt to disrupt the way people share and interact with technology. For too long social networks and applications have controlled how our information is collated, distributed and used, as is evident from recent revelations surrounding Facebook and their unethical emotion tampering experiments.

Closr uses Geo-location, Big Data and Cloud Services to allow people to get more from their experiences by tapping into the experiences shared by other. This new paradigm is called a “Crowd Network” and it is far more representative, of real life, than current social networks, which are more contrived and artificial.

Current research shows that 2 billion photos are uploaded per day to social media sites, this figure is set to rise to 50 billion over the next few years. Unfortunately, these photos are usually not available to anyone except the person who took the photo, but Closr will change this. In some scenarios, like a music event, sharing these photos with other people at the event makes sense, you may even be captured in a strangers photograph. Our user research suggests there is quite an appetite for this sort of a service with the average user uploading 7-12 photos per day and viewing over 30.

Closr is delighted to announce a partnership with Indiependence Music and Arts Festival taking place from Friday 1st of August – Sunday 3rd of August. Indiependance has been pioneering the development of a strong music scene in Cork specifically, and Ireland generally. Their tireless devotion to independent musicians and artists is in keeping with Closrs ethos of people helping people.

Closr is a Cork based startup; it’s founders are Rob Deegan and Andrew Hobbs. Both have considerable startup experience in their own right. In addition, Rob has a MSc in Computing from the CIT, he wrote his thesis on Mobile Usability and his research is well published and has won awards. He is also a current PhD student at the CIT and a UX consultant. Andrew has a MSc in Computer Science from UCC and has developed mobile apps for multinationals, as well as startups, in several countries. He is also an alumni from several entrepreneurial programs. Both are determined to create a fantastic app, within Closr, that can add real value to peoples lives while trying to “right the wrongs” done by those social networks we have all given our trust to.

For more details please view the following explainer video/cartoon:

Visit the Closr website:

Visit the Indiependence website:


Making sweet music: Festival launch of new app



Making sweet music: Festival launch of new app

Music lovers are to be involved in the launch of an app by a new Cork start-up that uses cloud and location-based technology to connect its users so that they may share their photographs and help improve each others experiences. Closr has partnered with Indiependence Music Festival to launch the innovative app at the event, which runs from Friday, August 1st to Sunday, August 3rd in Mitchelstown, allowing people who are sharing the same experience collaborate, even if they do not know each other.

Founded by Rob Deegan and Andrew Hobbs Closr uses geo-location, big data and cloud services to allow people to get more from their experiences by tapping into the experiences shared by other. “Our mission, as a company, is to enable people to collaborate and create a massive shared experience at festivals and events,” said Mr Deegan. “We are calling this new type of social network a ‘Crowd Network’ and believe this is more reflective of society.”

You won’t believe it!!!

IMG_20140707_154436(1)I’m just back from my holiday in Lanzarote, the very fist night I open my case to take some shots with my trusty 400d and nifty fifty lens of some cool fireworks and guess what… yep… broken feckin camera!!!!!!!!!!!! (In case you missed it this happened to the same camera the last 2 times I went to Lanzarote…. the camera never broke anywhere else! see The story of Closr )

Three holidays in a row to Lanzarote with the same 400d getting broken each time!!!!!

In good news though, we had a go pro, 3 mobile devices and 5 tablets so we had no problems taking pictures except at night or in bright sunlight.

Closr demons strike again!