Closr Indiegogogoes!

At Indiependence we received MAJOR feedback, begging us for an iPhone app.

With a heavy heart I gotta tell you that we are seriously broke :(

No cash to our name, no investors yet… we are living on a whim and a prayer. We have about 100 features and UX improvements we need to make to Android app before we can even look at an iPhone app.


We are pretty awesome at Closr so we decided to launch an indiegogo campaign to see if we can’t raise some cash to hire a kick ass dev to get cracking on the app.

If you want the iPhone app you need to get on over to the campaign and donate some cash… pretty please! Follow the link Closr Indiegogo Campaign

It would be really awesome if you could donate, but if you can’t click on the link above anyway and sure tweeting or sharing with your friends costs nothing :)


Deegs and Hobbsy