Bad/good/funny(?) news Saturday. Day 34 of BOI accelerator..

So I try not to update at the weekend, but at 6.30am on Sat I find myself on the way to the Penrose Wharf office.

Yes there is some work to be done and the office is lovely and quiet! But thats not the reason I am posting.

Last night all I could think off was going home, grabbing a steak, glass of wine and going to sleep (my friday indulgence!).

But, things have been so hectic I forgot to pay my parking and came out to find my car clamped. I paid the €120 to have it released and waited the 2 hours for the guy to come take it off. He was tense when he came, expecting an onslaught of abuse but I was just happy to be finally on the way home. We had a good chat and he was a nice fellow, I feel sorry for his job though, he gets an awful lot of abuse!

Funny thing…. I forgot to pay for parking today (Saturday) too…. but thankfully I got to the car park that afternoon and my car was not clamped…

Did they just not check or did the guy leave me off because I was nice to him? Who knows, but it never hurts to keep the Carma tank topped up :)

B0OSG2ZIUAAejae.jpg large




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