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Track closed deals in one place and share your success with other sales makers around the world. When its time for a job interview, ClosrClub helps organize all your deals with key selling analytics & deal verification.
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ClosrClub Features

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Personal Sales Portfolio

Never forget a deal you've closed throughout your career, including key details about the win.

Get Referrals

Collaborating with other sales peers to find out how they won their deals.

See Network Activity

Follow other sales makers & companies to see what deals are being closed.


Share your ClosrCV with potential hiring managers to showcase your sales success.

Deal Verification

Get buyers, partners and employees to verify your closed deals. Collect testimonials to help win more often.

Job Opportunities

Get matched with sales jobs that match your career & salary goals.

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Melinda Perkins

Sales Manager, CRATE

“ I've been looking for a way to personally track all the deals I've sold. This is it! ClosrClub is so easy to use. I love seeing other colleagues closing their deals and being able to congratulate each other.“

It's amazing

Tim Clarkson

Inside Sales, Broader Soft

“ Just landed a new job using the Closr CV. Game changing to present my sales history with this tool, including seeing all the people who have verified my deals!``

Game Changing

Marc Saalberg

Sales Director @ Harness

“ I've been using ClosrClub for four months now and blown away by how powerful this app is. My favorite feature is seeing all the deal activity closed in my area each day. I've reach out to several users already to collaborate on some deals. “

This is a great app

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