Three Traits Of A Great Salesperson

Convincing people to buy products or services they’ve never heard of, dislike or don’t need isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a task that’s not for the faint-hearted. While most find it hard to get through a sales process or asking for the next step, some have mastered the skills of hooking customers and selling products or services quickly. Customers would say NO for up to four times and most salespeople will give up. However, the aggressive and bold ones will go ahead to persuade a customer to buy their product.

Besides the obvious (appearance, enthusiasm, knowledge) Salespeople need these traits to consistently succeed in closing deals and making those impactful sales:

1. Negotiation skills

A salesperson can successfully qualify a prospect and manage their expectations appropriately but the long-anticipated deal can end unexpectedly in the negotiation stage. It happens in case the salesperson lacks proper negotiation skills. Great salespeople understand how to transition from consultants to negotiators. Although negotiation can be engineered in several directions, a great salesperson will always close the deal in a positive way. Great negotiators will:

• Clearly define the allowances, limits, discounts and add-ons they’re willing to accept ahead of time. 

• Allow the prospect to initiate the conversation first. Listening comes first before speaking 

• Keep light conversation. Although prospects and salespeople sit on the extreme ends during negotiations, a light conversation can reduce instances of creating bad blood. 

• Expand the conversation beyond the money aspect. Prices are tied to value which is also tied to prospect satisfaction and perception. Although add-ons may be included, it shouldn’t be a fast or hard rule. 
Negotiation is a skill that determines whether a deal will be successful or not. 

2. Relationship Driven

Successful selling means more than just closing a deal. It is a win-win situation for both the prospect and the salesperson. The most effective salespeople understand how to deal with different type of clients. They are versatile with every prospect they meet. This is because every selling process comes with both losses and wins. Great salespeople will never say I’m done to prospects. They will reach out even to those who rejected the offer in the past. Additionally, they are willing to help past clients. All these are geared towards building trust and improving customer satisfaction. They’ll follow up their prospects and past clients over time. 

A customer, whether satisfied or dissatisfied can be quickly put off by a purely business relationship. A great customer relationship is not just dictated by how a deal is closed but by how friendly and approachable a sales team is. Great salespeople know the strategies to use when approaching, handling and closing a sale. They will do anything to make the prospects recommend the products and services of a company. A skilled salesperson knows how to build a strong relationship with their prospects. 

3. Very Personal 

The manner in which a salesperson approaches a prospect matters a lot. A successful salesperson will use a personalized approach that is tailored to suit the individual needs of a customer. This involves demonstrating to the customer the benefits they can get from the product or service and other personal benefits. Most of them will give the customer a chance to ask questions and will address them accordingly. 

With a proper product or service explanation, a good salesperson can convince a customer to switch from one brand to theirs. They ask questions, address concerns and close as many sales as possible. Great salespeople don’t just ask questions that only rely on data. They will go ahead to find out product implications and get recommendations on product quality improvements and more. 

By using a personal approach, a salesperson can understand customer needs. However, salespeople should understand the products they’re promoting for them to clearly define the benefits customers will get. Moreover, they generally have no issue getting along with any prospect. In fact, they enjoy meeting new prospects. They are energized by prospects and are very personable. 

Salespeople work in various contexts and situations. To be a great salesperson, one needs to acquire and hone a defined set of skills and traits. The traits enable them to be in control of the entire sales process. A salesperson with proper negotiation skills, relationship driven and personable is always a successful sales expert.

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